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Friday, April 24, 2015

Lun*na Menoh's new Paintings for Brewery Art Walk this Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Here is the list of "A Ring Around The Collar" for this weekend / Brewery Art Walk. How many people you can recognize without their heads? 

Luis Buñuel, Sparks, Bukowski, Tarantino, Oscar Wilde, Coco Chanel, Tintin, Mozart, Kurt Cobain, Karl Lagerfeld, Robert Greene, Elvis Presley,  Travis Bickle, Bach, Chief Inspector Clouseau, Marie Antoinette, Plato,Rrose Sélavy, Jean Cocteau, Jack White, John Waters, Buster Keaton, John Cassavetes, Eric Cartman, John Cage, Vivienne Westwood, Yakuza people from The Yakuza Papers

Lun*na Menoh at the Brewery Art Walk this Saturday and Sunday

Lun*na Menoh will be a part of Brewery Art Walk in this weekend, Displaying all her new works; 30 small dirty collar paintings. Please stop by!! この週末、25日、26日、アーティストが沢山すんでいるロフトの集合スペースで開催されるアートウォークなるものに、参加します。是非、遊びにきてください。スゴい時間あると思うんでー。苦笑 2020 north Main Street #230 11am-6pm