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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lun*na Menoh - Spring Summer Collection 1770 - 1998

All photographs by Relah Eckstein

this  consist of 12 hanging dress from ceiling.
each dress is represented of a certain  era such as rococo -around 1770, victorian - around 1800, rolling twenties -1920, swinging london 1960, rave 1990 etc….
those are all wearable but hanging from the ceiling,
i did fashion show with this-  the video link below.
this piece was showed Hayward Gallery in London 1999 a part of "Addressing the Century"
was introduced in the books
 "Fashion" by Christopher Breward  Oxford university press UK
"Fashion and Psychoanalysis" by Alison Bancroft I.B.Tauris UK

fashion show video